Wishlist for iPhone 3.0

Ok so a lot of wishlists have been floating around for the iPhone firmware update – this one is mine

  1. Copy and Paste – I want copy and paste on my iPhone globally. Which would mean that I can copy from Safari, and paste into email, or into and SMS. I hope this basic ability might even appear before 3.0
  2. SMS Forwarding – Ok so if you enable copy and past – I dont have much issues not having this, but come-on guys, sometimes a funny SMS just has to be forwarded.
  3. Tethering – AT&T had issues with tethering, does that mean that all providers globally would, Although I can understand one logical reason – my Vodafone data rates with iPhone are half of the data rates that are applicable normally, so carriers may have a genuine fear of being chocked.

The 3.0 firmware being previewed on the 17th may not be released thereabouts and there might actually be a couple of months (maybe even wait till june for the hardware refresh) before we see it.

But as one iPhone owner who does not want to Jailbreak – I’m waiting quite anxiously.