About Akhilesh Sabharwal

Hello 👋

I’m Akhilesh.

With over two decades of experience, I’m a veteran of the digital transformation industry, and a Customer Experience consultant. I help companies improve their conversion, brand awareness and customer lifetime value by improving the customer experience through the able and effective use of technology. Like emojis. 👨‍💻

This site is where I write about my general observations and opinions on technology, design, history and food. The way I write is the right way for me. I like to write simply, but I do tend to go long sometimes. Actually I prefer the long form, which is why I have been trying my hand at podcasts or spoken word articles if you prefer.

I was born and raised in Delhi, India and did my secondary education from St. Columbas’ which probably made me a ‘grammar enforcer’ for life; I studied Information Technology from the University of Canberra, where I learned how to code slightly drunk.

Over the years, I have been responsible for five dogs, three dozen fish (maybe more), and a flowering frangipani, which refuses to flower for me.

I encourage you to send me your comments regarding the posts, podcasts and articles on this site. Connect with me on email on hey [@] asabharwal.com. Email is always welcome.

Akhilesh Sabharwal
The real me