The great firewall of UK

Ok maybe not so dramatic… and maybe not as restrictive as the Chinese version…

Yesterday, it was revealed that the UK is employing a transparent proxy Рin the lines of the system used in china to filter ISPs Рto block pages on Wikipedia. The page in question is about a 1970 LP Cover (Rated M16) which is considered to be in violation of child pornography laws.

The issue here is not that residents have protested the protection of children online – infact that is one thing that should be done whole heartedly, and actually parents should be made an active part of this effort (which is not happening) causing the state to intervene (which is not a good thing)

The problem is the way that it has been done, Users have raised a concern that it was done quietly, without consensus of users and information, the filters were put into place..

My biggest fear is that, implementing something like this in India is actually very possible, and the problem is that peoples laissez faire attitude will allow this…

So say no to two things

No to Child Pornography

No to Government controlled Internet censorship

Yes to parents controlled Internet censorship