New year realisations

It is a tradition that you should start a new year with a few resolutions that you should try and keep.

Maybe, lose some weight, try and save more- heck I’ve tried to do some of that myself. But the painful thing about resolutions is that they are very very (near impossible) to keep for people (aka: ME).

Change is inevitable, it is constant and out of the control of us mere mortals. Resolutions are a feeble attempt at trying to control change, let them flow. Rather, I think we should start 2014 with a few realisations.

So my realisations for 2014

  • The universe does not give a Shih Tzu about you. If you want it- ask. You just might get it
  • Live in the ecstasy that is Now
  • Writing with a true fountain pen improves your writing and your thinking
  • Sunrises and Sunsets look great without an Instagram filter
  • You cannot fight Google’s attempt at world domination. But you can try.
  • Writing, or cooking (or any kind of craft) is fun.
  • Beginning again is not difficult
  • Dogs are the most forgiving, most loving, and all round best pep pill in the world, even if they drive you insane when hungry

Have a very happy New Year. Be Safe. 🙂