Introducing Flavours of my Home

Flavours of my home is one of three different personal projects I started during home lockdowns in May 2020. I wanted to start writing more on this blog, and to start a podcast, teach myself how to create a mobile app, and create a separate site for cooking hobby and recipes.

Guess which one has seen the light of day.😁

Actually, the home lockdowns gave me a greater opportunity to cook more, and I used it as a greater avenue to relax and also make some of those things which we were not eating due to not being able to go out.

My style of cooking does not like to follow recipes. I refer to a lot of recipes online, and in books, but I always find myself making some variations and some changes, and i’m lucky that my experiments succeed more often than they fail.

Flavours of my Home is a range of recipes, some my own concoction, some variations and just some things copied that I like.

Hope you will give it a look and like what you see.