What I was reading today

The news of the mega merger of Advertising holding companies Omnicom and Publicis have raised a lot of eyebrows and even some hackles in the advertising world. While the repercussions of the formation of this Godzilla may take some time to appear, the ad world has made quite a few comments about it. Like everyone… Continue reading What I was reading today

What I am reading today

A Boeing 247 on the tarmac in black and white

Google uses Big Data to prove hiring puzzles useless and GPAs meaningless. That's interesting! [37signals.com] A Designer’s Moving Tattoo Tribute to His Dad. What does go into making a design meanigfull? [Wired.com] Inside Digg's race to build the new Google Reader. Digg was ready to do this the day Google cancelled Reader [Wired.com] Brazil's Street… Continue reading What I am reading today