Still here

Contrary to how it may seem, I have not yet abandoned this site.

I will be back (hopefully soon) 🙂


100 Posts

In cricket I think this is a ton…

And just like that with my last post – I have made 100 posts on this experiment of mine.

On 13th August 2008 – I made my first post – Questioning Google. Google bashing continues to be one of my favourite topics. What with questioning the abilities of Google Translate, or when Google decided to lock me out of my account (my most popular post to date BTW).

Newer and newer experiments, with my posts on Exploring Hinduism; have me writing long format posts on an intriguing topic, examining the history of my faith. While my identifiable love for all things technological can be found scattered all over.

What started out as an experiment for me has grown into a regular part of my daily life. Whether I am just tracking visitors, researching topics or playing around with themes (oh god do I play around with themes :))

It is fun – and I do want to thank you, dear readers, for coming back and reading, making me want to do this more and more.

Its been great so far and can only get better 🙂


It’s my birthday.

Permit me a post for gratuitous self aggrandisement; it’s my birthday!!


Advertising and Marketing

McDonald’s new mascot

If ever there was a doubt that McDonalds was bad for you, here is their new mascot – Happy (apparently based on a Happy Meal Box)

McDonald's new mascot - Happy!

The stuff of Nightmares, between this and the clown… I think I’m giving up McD’s.


Thunder and lightning

Strangely peaceful, laying in bed, looking at the lightning and listening to the rain. Perfect weather to start re-recording the things which make #100HappyDays.