Examining Hinduism

The history of a religion traces the history of a people. Religion and belief form around the existing conditions in a peoples life.

Fourteen Fictional Foods You Can’t Have

From Wired – Fourteen Fictional Foods you can’t have, I really really want the Popplers – gladly substituted with popcorn chicken from Buddy Broaster…

A day without my laptop

A few weeks ago, I went to work without my Macbook’s power adapter. To make matters worse, I used my macbook on the 1.5 hour commute… Net result, I only had a 2 hours battery life for a 9 hour day.

Digital agencies – why are we scared of performing?

Why do digital agencies offer complete resistance to ROI or performance based models of marketing? Instead why are agencies and Internet companies adopting ‘soft bullying’ methods to increase digital spends and increase revenue?

Wishlist for iPhone 3.0

Ok so a lot of wishlists have been floating around for the iPhone firmware update – this one is mine

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