His master’s voice

A modern version of the dog and the gramophone. Probably gonna be one of my favourite reasons to be happy during #100HappyDays

Brown onion soup

When three ingredients come together to make the perfect winter meal its #100HappyDays …

Blooms to beat the Winter glooms

I was a bit of a busy beaver this last week. I got a lot of my winter blooms and some of my edibles planted. Who says you can’t go plant happy in an apartment?

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New year realisations

It is a tradition that you should start a new year with a few resolutions that you should try and keep.

The ABC’s of content marketing in India

Content marketing is amongst the most popular marketing strategies in the world today. Defined as any format of marketing which involves the creation, publishing and sharing of content with a view to acquire customers. Content marketing as a principle is not new. In as early as 1895 John Deere launched a magazine titled The Furrow providing information to farmers on becoming profitable.


Today makes it 5 years since I have been writing on again and off again on this blog. Over the past five years, I have changed four web hosts, and many domains before settling on asabharwal.com. It's also taken me a while to settle on a name I have been happy with. This blog has been like me - experimental in design and content. People who have followed me over the past five years (there are some) have seen my blog transition from - Twobeans.net to digiFAQs.com. I have toyed with 'secretingredient.in' & 'thehungrygeek.com' in between for writing about my interests in food. I was buying domains like potato chips. Almost two years ago I finally settled on two domains asabharwal.com and binarybreakfast.com.
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