New techniques

It’s #100HappyDays when you set up new ways to post to

Email 🙂


Contributing to building open source projects – and Jetpack. #100HappyDays

Happy Birthday

Guess who turns 7 today? Happy Birthday to my handsome boy. #100HappyDays

Winter is almost over

(Maybe) the last gajrela of the season. Sending winter out on a high note. #100HappyDays

Unconsidered purchases

It is one of a #100HappyDays when you get a refund on an impulse buy. ^_^

Back Pain

Going to bed early with a hot water bottle against a bad back. Relief that makes you happy. #100HappyDays.

Funky pizzas

Making pizzas at home and giving them funky names. #100HappyDays


Writing with an ink pen, gives me a clarity of thought. It also makes you approach what you do with care #100HappyDays

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