It’s my birthday.

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Permit me a post for gratuitous self aggrandisement; it’s my birthday!!


McDonald’s new mascot

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If ever there was a doubt that McDonalds was bad for you, here is their new mascot – Happy (apparently based on a Happy Meal Box)

McDonald's new mascot - Happy!

The stuff of Nightmares, between this and the clown… I think I’m giving up McD’s.

Of Nokia & Finland

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In 2011 I took an opportunity to visit Nokia House in Espoo. I still remember looking out from the dining hall onto a semi-frozen lake with a few weather worn trees on an island.

In my mind that lake represents Finland and the attitude of its people. A nation which in its young(ish) history has successfully challenged larger foreign forces. Occupied by a Swedish monarchy till 1803 and then becoming a Russian domain, Finland gained its independence from Russia at the end of World War 2 after fighting for it since 1917 (an interesting history). The Finns are a strong and resilient people (Look up Simo Häyhä). Moving forward from this strife they have developed a culture with a standard of living which is amongst the highest in the world.

And this spirit is reflected in what still remains one of Finland’s most iconic brand – Nokia.

Thunder and lightning

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Strangely peaceful, laying in bed, looking at the lightning and listening to the rain. Perfect weather to start re-recording the things which make #100HappyDays.


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100HappyDays Just because and why not?



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These two. #100HappyDays


Empty bowls

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Its #100HappyDays when you make a giant bowl of chilli crab, and finish it off before you take a photo 🙂

True inspiration

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my scars are not ugly they mean I’m alive

Image : Beth Whaanga & Nadia Mascot<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Image : Beth Whaanga & Nadia Mascot</figcaption></figure>

Inspirational is a word thrown across very lightly. Very rarely do you come across something that is truly inspiring.

This is the story of Beth Whaanga. Who dared to do something that an increasingly puritanical society may find distressing or inappropriate. Like the people who flagged this album as inappropriate.

Beth has published a photo set of herself, unclothed, showing how her breast cancer treatments have affected her body. With a hope of inspiring us to think about people and how cancer may affect anyone. Do share the album.

Under the red dress by Beth Whangaa and Nadia Post


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Getting into bed with two extremely sleepy dogs… #100HappyDays


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I went for a visit to my old neighbourhood in Delhi today. I had to run some chores and also needed to pick up a couple of things from my old home. We moved from the house a year or so ago to Gurgaon, a city next to Delhi, which forms part of the National Capital Region. We moved for reasons of necessity and practicality, and we had balanced rational vs the emotional when we moved. And yet when you do return, its hard not to remember all that has happened in those years.

The house where I grew up in has 69 years of history. Completed in 1946, my grandparents were amongst the first people to move into it after they married in 1947. Some might say that saying _ __first people _is a strange choice of words, but you have to understand how the people who came to Delhi in the lived 1940’s. The houses built in those time, were built in the same mould. You could walk into your neighbours house and know exactly where rooms like the kitchens were. These houses had 10 rooms which functioned as bed and living rooms and 8 smaller rooms which were designed to be used as kitchens or store rooms. In these rooms at one time in 1946 we had 14 families living together. And the families were of varied sizes – our own family at that time was 5 people growing to 8 in a few years, and our extending families all lived around us in a 5 minute radius.

So imagine if you will – how this large family + families which formed this household lived their lives in those years. Living up and down these stairs.

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">The steepest stairs ever. Image : @akitirz</figcaption></figure>

Through the years families moved out, families switched rooms, families took over more rooms, until ultimately in the late 1970’s my grandfather bought the house from the previous owners (who also happened to be his employers). At that time our family was now living in the whole of the ground floor of this house. It was here into one of these rooms, that I was brought from the hospital (No I wasn’t born in the house 🙂 )

The patterned courtyard<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">The patterned courtyard was a very distinctive feature of old Delhi houses. This pattern was not the original and was redone in the 90’s.</figcaption></figure>

If I try to think back to my earliest memories of the courtyard, I can actually vaguely recall lying on my back in the verandah, looking up at the sky, with the clothes lines in my vision.

Growing up here also meant this house becoming the centre of all activity at least once every year. My grandparents had raised an extensive brood, and summers meant a collection of 7 cousins and 2 pairs of aunts and uncles assembling for periods. A home with a standard population of 7 happily swelled up to a population of 18. An integral part of these events was figuring out how to bed said 18 people. Mattresses on the floor set out every night and picked up every morning. I don’t remember any complaints from anyone saying, they didn’t get enough room to sleep. I think we had about 8 mattresses put away especially for these times.

In 2001 we actually moved up to the upper floors of the house (which we had previously rented out) that ended the need for the beds on the floor, because we all of a sudden had ‘guest’ rooms. Still, I think the beds on the floor, may have been more fun. Or it was a function of us cousins being young.

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