It’s my birthday.

Permit me a post for gratuitous self aggrandisement; it’s my birthday!!

McDonald’s new mascot

If ever there was a doubt that McDonalds was bad for you, here is their new mascot – Happy (apparently based on a Happy Meal Box)

Of Nokia & Finland

In 2011 I took an opportunity to visit Nokia House in Espoo. I still remember looking out from the dining hall onto a semi-frozen lake with a few weather worn trees on an island.

Thunder and lightning

Strangely peaceful, laying in bed, looking at the lightning and listening to the rain. Perfect weather to start re-recording the things which make #100HappyDays.


#100HappyDays Just because and why not?


These two. #100HappyDays

Empty bowls

Its #100HappyDays when you make a giant bowl of chilli crab, and finish it off before you take a photo 🙂


Getting into bed with two extremely sleepy dogs… #100HappyDays


I went for a visit to my old neighbourhood in Delhi today. I had to run some chores and also needed to pick up a couple of things from my old home. We moved from the house a year or so ago to Gurgaon, a city next to Delhi, which forms part of the National Capital Region. We moved for reasons of necessity and practicality, and we had balanced rational vs the emotional when we moved. And yet when you do return, its hard not to remember all that has happened in those years.

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