McDonald’s new mascot

Categories: Advertising and Marketing

If ever there was a doubt that McDonalds was bad for you, here is their new mascot – Happy (apparently based on a Happy Meal Box) The stuff of Nightmares, between this and the clown… I think I’m giving up McD’s.

Of Nokia & Finland

Categories: Internet & Technology

In 2011 I took an opportunity to visit Nokia House in Espoo. I still remember looking out from the dining hall onto a semi-frozen lake with a few weather worn trees on an island. In my mind that lake represents Finland and the attitude of its people. A nation which in its young(ish) history has successfully […]

Thunder and lightning

Categories: Life!

Strangely peaceful, laying in bed, looking at the lightning and listening to the rain. Perfect weather to start re-recording the things which make #100HappyDays.