NTT DoCoMo & Tata Teleservices – See what the promise of 3G brings

So the deal was  closed yesterday as most people would know Рunless you crawled under a rock РNTT DoCoMo has bought into a 26% stake in Tata Teleservices (The Indicom people). Rs 13,070 crore investment.

So what do I read in it –

  1. Recession – it is a subjective term, this is a time for the long term investors to come forward
  2. Indian Mobile Industry and Market – Still extremely nascent, There is a lot of potential in the form of VAS and even basic communication and data services.
  3. 3G – 3G services will quite possibly be of a world class if not better grade than the rest of the world, with some of the worlds most ablest providers in the market coming in…
  4. Some of the best technology phones – NTT DoCoMo pioneered live streaming television on mobile, but they also have phone which can alieviate the need to run around on trips with computers…
  5. NTT DoCoMo and Tata – CDMA brilliance – This might finally be a reason to switch to the Tata provided service – once number portability kicks in… In my opinion – if NTT brings in its technical knowhow, which I believe is quite likely
  6. Internet – And this one is wishful thinking but I can hope for it – NTT DoCoMo is providing FiBo (Fiber Optic) internet in Japan and with speeds up to 16 Mbps and unlimited… drool..