One thing has been bothering me intensely since this whole new media campaign decrying the rape incidents and petitioning for better laws. The term of rapist is applied to the whole male sex. There are men who suffer from sexual harassment and have also been raped, facing an even greater social stigma.

Would it not be better to ask the question “Why do rapists rape?”
Just a thought – not a discussion on political correctness.

Small space garden and two dogs

Three ripe tomatoes on a vine.
These plants are my pride and joy!

I have small blossoming gardens on my apartment balconies. This is my favourite one, next to my kitchen. The tomatoes are growing well and the basil and parsley are thriving. The sage and oregano have started sprouting and the flowers are blooming. 🙂 

I just have to ensure that the dogs don’t eat my herbs which they are very fond of doing.

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Butch and Leo

Mealtime for the dogs is sometimes problematic. So while my 1-year-old Labrador, Butch, mournfully looks at a filled bowl, the cause of the trouble, my 3-year-old Spaniel, Leo, is sitting in the background, refusing to eat.



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