Varuna – the Elder God

Varuna - The God of water, on his companion crocodile

Varuna is one of the elder gods, sovereign of the water. He is the first god of the Hindu pantheon accredited with the creation of the world. He was the first king and law giver. The prime mover of the universe, he was mostly concerned with moral and societal affairs than being a deification of nature. [green_box]The… Continue reading Varuna – the Elder God

Dyaus and Prithvi – Sky and Earth

Most classic religions promote the principle of the first parents. These first progenitors usually have a responsibility for the birth of the second generation of gods, who essentially form the pantheons. Ironically, these first gods are then relegated to a forgotten chapter of history. This particular phenomenon is also visible in the Hindu scriptures, with… Continue reading Dyaus and Prithvi – Sky and Earth

The Vedas and the creation of the world

In the last post in this series I took a look at the Indus valley and its gods. The reasons for the demise of the Indus valley are still debated, but it is widely believed that the migration patterns of the Aryan people bought them down into the green valleys of the Indus and beyond.… Continue reading The Vedas and the creation of the world

Early civilisation and the first Gods

The bronze age of man bought with it a more organised religion than which was practiced in the stone age.  The great civilisations of the period, - Ancient Egyptian in Africa, Mesopotamia in Central Asia and the Indus Valley Civilisation in north India - developed the first thought forms of the Godhead, the beginnings of… Continue reading Early civilisation and the first Gods