New year realisations

It is a tradition that you should start a new year with a few resolutions that you should try and keep.

Maybe, lose some weight, try and save more- heck I’ve tried to do some of that myself. But the painful thing about resolutions is that they are very very (near impossible) to keep for people (aka: ME).

Change is inevitable, it is constant and out of the control of us mere mortals. Resolutions are a feeble attempt at trying to control change, let them flow. Rather, I think we should start 2014 with a few realisations.

So my realisations for 2014

  • The universe does not give a Shih Tzu about you. If you want it- ask. You just might get it
  • Live in the ecstasy that is Now
  • Writing with a true fountain pen improves your writing and your thinking
  • Sunrises and Sunsets look great without an Instagram filter
  • You cannot fight Google’s attempt at world domination. But you can try.
  • Writing, or cooking (or any kind of craft) is fun.
  • Beginning again is not difficult
  • Dogs are the most forgiving, most loving, and all round best pep pill in the world, even if they drive you insane when hungry

Have a very happy New Year. Be Safe. 🙂

The ABC’s of content marketing in India

Content marketing is amongst the most popular marketing strategies in the world today. Defined as any format of marketing which involves the creation, publishing and sharing of content with a view to acquire customers. Content marketing as a principle is not new. In as early as 1895 John Deere launched a magazine titled The Furrow providing information to farmers on becoming profitable.

One key aspect of content marketing is obviously the content. While it is obvious that the content being developed has to be inline with the product or service being marketed, there are some subjects which can act as an ideal support. Read on to know about the ABC’s of those subjects for India.

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Today makes it 5 years since I have written on again and off again on this blog. Over the past five years, I have changed 4 web hosts, and many domains before settling on It’s also taken me a while to settle on a name I have been happy with.

This blog has been like me – experimental in design and content. People who have followed me over the past five years (there are some) have seen my blog transition from – to I have toyed with ‘’ & ‘’ in between for writing about my interests in food. I was buying domains like potato chips. Almost two years ago I finally settled on two domains and

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