iPhone 3.0 Update – we have copy and paste

The Live event previewing the iPhone OS 3.0 firmware started in Apple’s Cupertino time hall building at 10:30 pm IST approx today.

Apart from general promotional information about the iPhone sales – available in 80 countries and 13.7 million sold in 2008. Apple has now sold 17 Million iPhones

The feature list for the iPhone 2.0 SDK and Firmware was next

  1. In app pricing – offering developers the ability to price not just the app but for individual content. eg: magazine subscriptions
  2. Peer to Peer networks – over bluetooth powered by Bonjour (Apples Zero conf networking technology) iPhone 3.0 will automatically discover other applications over Bluetooth, and there’s no pairing involved
  3. The Maps API would be opened up to developers allowing developers to embed Google Maps in theri applications
  4. Core Location would now be available to developers to build turn-by turn directions into their apps, but as they cannot use maps due to licensing reasons, developers would have to provide their own maps.
  5. No background processing BUT there is now support for Push notifications. Notifications would pass through an Apple server. Applications can pass badges for icons (letting users know of waiting messages or IMs etc.)
  6. 1000 API’s to be made available for developers – Ability to access the music library and access email from within an app.
  7. A lot of games and apps are demoed– showing off notification and true multiplayer over wifi
  8. COPY AND PASTE IS COMING TO THE iPHONE 3.0 (YAY) Two finger tap to select and a bubble overhead with options
  1. By the way Copy and Paste works across all applications (third party as well), and images
  2. Landscape keyboard in all applications – Mail and SMS
  3. SMS Forwarding has been added finally as well as deleting individual and multiple messages
  4. And we have MMS 🙂
  5. An apple developed Voice Memo application – No voice dialing though
  6. CalDAV support for calendar and ability to add subscriptions
  7. Global Search – including support for Messages, web, and itunes Song library (based on Apple’s Spotlight technology) And support for Applications as well
  8. 100 new features will arrive with this firmware including
    1. Sync notes with your Mac
      Shake to Shuffle your playlist
      Stereo Bluetooth
      Safari will support autofill and antiphishing technology

So when is this available –

  • The developer beta – available immediately
  • Official release – This summer – which might mean – June

The release is free for iphone users and $9.95 for Touch users

I guess Im a installing the beta soon…

CNET Live link here

So still not tethering and flash, but still this makes the phone the best out there in my opinion…

Wishlist for iPhone 3.0

Ok so a lot of wishlists have been floating around for the iPhone firmware update – this one is mine

  1. Copy and Paste – I want copy and paste on my iPhone globally. Which would mean that I can copy from Safari, and paste into email, or into and SMS. I hope this basic ability might even appear before 3.0
  2. SMS Forwarding – Ok so if you enable copy and past – I dont have much issues not having this, but come-on guys, sometimes a funny SMS just has to be forwarded.
  3. Tethering – AT&T had issues with tethering, does that mean that all providers globally would, Although I can understand one logical reason – my Vodafone data rates with iPhone are half of the data rates that are applicable normally, so carriers may have a genuine fear of being chocked.

The 3.0 firmware being previewed on the 17th may not be released thereabouts and there might actually be a couple of months (maybe even wait till june for the hardware refresh) before we see it.

But as one iPhone owner who does not want to Jailbreak – I’m waiting quite anxiously.

One month with the iPhone

So about a month ago, I did it. I took the leap and bought an iPhone, – in the process selling my Nokia E71, my Nokia E61, and my imate Windows Mobile.¬†Didn’t¬†end up putting in too much money out of pocket, plus took advantage of Vodafone offer of Rs. 500 off my phone bill for 10 months – effectively my iPhone 3g 8GB only cost me about Rs. 1500.00, so very thrilled..

After living with this phone for an even month РI am willing to effectively disown my own post written August last year. Sure there are some glaring flaws Рnot least of which the inability to copy and paste, and forward an SMS which are the only ones Р which really bother me.

The development platform that the iPhone SDK has empowered, really impresses me. Wether it is ¬†an application like Ocarina, which turns the iPhone into the wind instrument by the same name, or Midomi,¬†which¬†does a fantastic job of¬†identifying¬†music that I have without any ID3 information. The fact that this is the first phone I have had that supports (almost) 3D gaming with games like ‘Hero of Sparta’ and ‘Super Monkey Ball’ . So much so that I paid for them…

That’s not to say that the free apps are not good – Stanza, a beautiful ebook reader that can plug into the Gutenburg free library and download books, as well as sharing them from my Mac. WifiRemote Lite which allows me to use the iPhone as a trackpad.

What about Jailbreak-ing – I did Jailbreak my phone twice, and found that the only app I needed to jailbreak for was a Keyboard extension that enabled copy and paste. I actually found my Jailbroken iPhone running slower (not tested scientifically but my impressions).

The last word – Im happy, I think my 6 monthly phone upgrade cycle may actually have ended. And the next upgrade would be to an iPhone with improved hardware 🙂