Pick from our range of unlimited plans, including free data!

How long have you searched for the perfect plan? The ever elusive plan, that would finally quench your thirst for endless banter, and satisfy your (seriously worrisome) browsing habits.

Well, thank your stars, for 2017 might just be your year! Presenting unlimited plans from Tata Docomo, that give you much more than unlimited. Yep.

Unlimited (Local+STD) calls + 2GB @298

Whether you’re constantly surfing the web or you’re perpetually on call, or even both; this is a plan made just for you. Carry on, guilt-free, without worrying about racking up your bill at just Rs.298!

Minus the T&Cs

Thats right! We have no T&Cs because we give you what you pay for, and let you use it any way you like.